Design governance lead spearheading the design, development, and construction of interaction design standards and patterns; to streamline consistency and promote re-usability across AT&T Premier properties. Interaction design patterns formalize best practices which provide cohesive solutions to commonly occurring problems within a given context of software design.


•  Provide governance leadership and mentorship to the B2B UX design team
•  Perform internal and external comparative analysis and research of design and interaction patterns
•  Deliver process flow diagrams, html pattern template, usage specifications including context of use, interaction, and behavior of web components
•  Support cross-team collaboration with business and development including inception, integration, documentation, and delivery
•  Conduct weekly creative team review sessions including engagement with partners and leadership for approvals

Design Process

•  Identify the need of a pattern either before, during or after a project life cycle
•  Collaborate and assign UX talent disciplines to research, analyze, define, and develop draft concepts
•  Review and iterate design and functionality with development
•  Host UX, development, and leadership reviews for approval and completion

Process Flows

Pattern Identification

Pattern Creation


•  General description with visual and interactive examples
•  Context and location of use
•  How it works, including exceptions and interaction examples
•  Formatting and specifications (comps, redlines, and content)
•  Usability guidelines

Pattern Example

Speech Balloon – 1
Speech Balloon – 2
Speech Balloon – 3


Not every design project should start from scratch. It’s true, there’s a time and place for creativity, and there’s also a time and place to use fail-proof and time-tested solutions. It means that it takes less time to build new features and pages, whilst the initial period of designing and developing a pattern may take more time, the benefits that follow will save time and improve the code base. Proud to have led and spearheaded the governance committee effort for the Premier pattern library which has withheld the test of time (12+ years) and continues to support the platform today 😊