An Experience Brief is data driven documentation developed by UX strategy and business to define and gather existing data metrics around the design problem, agree upon the definition of success, and identify the measure of success with post-project analytics. The brief defines the experience and goes beyond ‘look and feel’ and asks, ‘What is the experience we want the user to have?”.

The 4 Questions Explained

•  What is the problem we’re solving?
Project team agrees upon what the problem is to resolve by defining issues to be addressed.

•  What is the data related to the problem?
Identify, collect, and analyze data available to support the problem(s).

•  How is success defined?
Project team agrees on the definition of success and what will happen when the problem is solved; when the project is launched what outcome will be achieved.

•  How is success measured?
Gather pre-launch data and analyze it against post-launch data and results.

Premier Data – 10 Core Variables

The type of data leveraged to provide details around the nature of the problem can vary widely by project.

1. Cost savings
2. Drive revenue
3. Orders
4. % Digital reach/adoption
5. Call/Chat rate
6. Experience benefits
7. Technical/performance benefits
8. Customer engagement
10. Other


•  Focus on achieving success: the Experience Brief helps the team stay focused on the problem to be solved while driving data-driven design solutions
•  Supports the problem statement and proves our success. How will you know if you are achieving success if you are not measuring?


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