Scaled Agile Framework SAFe is an online freely revealed knowledge base of proven, integrated patterns for implementing Learn-Agile development. The Premier project team adopted SAFe agile methodology and JIRA Align platform providing comprehensive guidance and team collaboration for delivery at the portfolio, program, team and sprint levels.


•  Certified SAFE 4.6 agilest
•  Introduce Lean User Experience (Lean UX) design mindset, culture, and process by implementing functionality in minimum viable increments and determine success by measuring results against a benefit hypothesis
•  Modify the methodology to fit the needs of the business and project goals by incorporating user experience strategy and design management in the process
•  Originate ‘design thinking’ and further facilitate by including user experience on the epic, feature and story levels
•  Guide other project team members in education and provide additional training materials on SAFe Agile to speed up the adoption rate including the Jira Align platform


Experience and strategy modeling

Program Level – Pre-PI with UX deliverables

PI Planning – Premier Online Billing

PI Planning – Program Board

Role and Responsibilities

• Experience design manager overseeing the UX project team for B2B online digital experience products, across four verticals and seven PODs in operation of SAFe agile methodology
• Facilitated the end to end coordination of UX production and delivery process in all aspects of product definition and development including creative deliverables within SAFe iteration delivery and timelines
• Collaborated with design leadership to operationalize decision-making, requirements gathering, scheduling, resource allocation, coordination of teams and approval processes
• Identified needs for improvement of the design organization processes and methodologies, actively participating in the standardization and execution to highest quality standards and designer’s efficiency
• Provided clear communication to cross-functional team leads and senior management regarding project status, resource requirements, issues, and priorities. Proactively identified risks, prioritized, and created plans to resolve in a timely manner
• Owned partner engagement mechanism: defined scaling processes to intake, triage, prioritize, and mitigate escalations
• Collected and appraised UX intake project requests including review and analysis of requirements, scope and level of effort assessment, and talent assignments to increase productivity and save in labor
• Supported team development and mentorship providing design program management leadership and best practices